Kickstart Your Relationship NOW!
This book is a breakthrough for the millions of couples who need counseling. Move On or Move Out!
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Kickstart Your Relationship NOW! Move On or Move Out! by Dr. Margot Ellen Brown

This practical guide helps you find your way through a disconnected marriage or a volatile partnership or helps those who have been to counseling and did not see results.

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Your Relationship NOW!

Move On or Move Out!

— This easy-to-use book provides step-by-step exercises to help couples improve their relationship by communicating more effectively.

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If you are the SPEAKER

The SENDER of a message is responsible for sharing a clear message by:

  • Focus on only ONE issue at a time.
  • Describe what you want.
  • Express both your Feelings and Thoughts.
  • Avoid blaming and name-calling (you’re stupid, that’s ridiculous!).
  • Identify your own inner truth (take a risk to speak up).
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Now, the RECEIVER is responsible for:

  • Listen carefully (no interruptions; let Sender complete their thought).
  • Clarify things (ask question if you do not understand).
  • Mirror or reflect back to the Sender.
  • Acknowledge what you hear (does not mean agreement)
  • Do not over-react emotionally.
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